11 June 2006

I haven't posted any designs in ages. This is due to the fact that my scanner is broken. However, once I start the summer design program, I hope to get things of the road with this site.

01 February 2006

One of the truest objects is the natural form of the female; a woman’s naked body is extremely powerful. It is universal, yet diverse. Every curve gives you an element at which to gaze and to play. The center of this power is her womb. Every human being comes from that center. The ability to create life in such a confined space is powerful indeed.

A woman’s body is a blank canvas, poised and awaiting bolts of silk or organza. It has opportunity breathing behind each muscle. Every part of a woman’s shape calls for attention. Artists have always looked at this form and made astounding works of art; they are able to do so because the female body is inspirational. Magic can happen when the raw and exposed body of a woman is the muse for artwork.

The essence of femininity is mesmerizing. The female has dynamism and intensity that transcends the basest adoration of her form. The frame can be mathematically, scientifically, or poetically defined; there would still be that indistinguishable essence that lives in each definition. That essence can never be captured or stolen by words such as "graceful" or "elegant." Femininity is indefinable.

31 January 2006